Join the Club

We welcome everyone to our club and becoming a member is so easy..

As a member, you can sign in up to 2 guests who have to sign the visitor's book at the bar and pay a 50p entry fee.

You can come in and try the club out first before becoming a member, just a 50p charge per person and sign in.

Simply download and complete a membership application form or collect from the Club.

You need to be proposed and seconded by 2 members and then your application is presented at the next committee meeting for approval.

You will then be issued with a membership card which you should keep with you whilst at the Club.

Memberships are up for renewal on the 1st October every year. 

Full membership    - £16.00 for the year. 

O.A.P (over 60)  - £8.00 for the year. 

Temp for 1 week   - £3.00 

Juvenile (16 - up to 18th birthday) - Free